Martial Arts School

Our Martial Arts School is a group of martial artists who are dedicated to building the community through martial arts. The program emphasizes a multi-style martial art, functional training, sport concepts, and develops strength and endurance for life.

Our Martial Arts for Life is the concept of teaching character development in the martial arts. The martial arts journey develops powerful qualities that you will use throughout life. Teaching the ideals of self-improvement and self-excellence, responsibility in our actions, and being kind to others is essential for helping our students live healthy, productive lives.

An American Martial Arts system that combines the strong, time-tested traditional martial arts knowledge and techniques with the newest and most contemporary self-defense, combined martial arts to create a complete system that builds strength, confidence and character in community. 


As a Student-Centered program we teach only the skills, techniques and combinations that are easy-to-learn and effective.

Instead of requiring complex forms and skills, we focus on teaching basic skills so that we can spend time on the strategies and applications of these skills. Rather than require complex advanced skills and forms, we focus on advanced applications of the basic techniques we teach.


Point of Contact is Master Derrick Bostic at or (410) 212-5455 for registration and specific details.

You have the option to fill-out the Capture Form for interested Martial Arts Students.

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