Military Boxing Training

Military Boxing Training – Combat Boxing Application

As a support effort to the Military District of Washington, Adaptive boxing has integrated combat boxing application and techniques for military units physical training, combatives programs and service members. Applying boxing to a large-scale in all combatives projects for the combat readiness of our U.S. Armed Forces.

Sustainment and Integration

  1. Sustainment. Sustainment is reinforcement training of previously tested techniques designed to accomplish the following goals: develop muscle memory, and combat mindset.
  2. Muscle Memory. Sustainment training involves the execution of previously learned techniques through repetition in order to improve proficiency. The goal of sustainment is the mastery of a technique. Sustainment training will develop muscle memory through numerous repetitions. This ensures the gross motor skills associated with the specific techniques become reflexive. Additionally, this concept will ensure that the basic principles of posture, movement, and power generation are applicable to techniques at all boxing levels and become reflexive. The development of muscle memory requires thousands of repetitions. The key to building good muscle memory is to focus on the quality of the quantity. This means that each repetition needs to be executed properly or the muscle memory developed will be flawed.
  3. Combat Mindset. A proper sustainment training program also trains the combat mindset element of all techniques. Training people in situations that stimulate similar responses to those met in combat (i.e., low light training and scenario training) will allow people to develop a combat mindset. This will serve them well as they will be able to think more clearly, act faster, and perform more effectively if this skill has been exercised.
  4. Integration. Integration is the blending of boxing techniques into Military Occupational Skills (MOS) skill training or a unit’s Mission Essential Task List. Integration should introduce the tactical application of boxing techniques. The goal of integration training is to synergize boxing techniques with all other combat systems and combative applications.

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