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The martial arts journey develops powerful qualities that your child and students will use throughout life. Qualities combine attitudes and skills into a single concept. As students train, they will progress through four levels.

PERSONAL QUALITIES – qualities within your child that help them follow directions and practice safely (self-control), develop self-confidence, high spirit, and courage (indomitable spirit), always be true to themselves and others (integrity), and to never quit (perseverance).

LEARNING QUALITIES – these qualities help your child learn, grow, and develop the other qualities. Goals will help keep your child focused and to prioritize. Effective practice helps them plan learning and build habits. Growth mindset is a commitment to learn from failure, and self-coaching is used throughout life to improve any performance.

PHYSICAL QUALITIES – those qualities that help one develop the martial arts skills in the discipline as well as lead productive healthy lives. Health includes stamina, nutrition, sleep, and hydration. Strength is developed throughout your student’s body through the actions in and outside of class. Coordination ensures proper execution of moves. Stretching and dynamic movement develop your student’s flexibility.

INTERPERSONAL QUALITIES – those qualities that help your child interact with others, including always being respectful to others and oneself (courtesy), always being positive and approachable (friendly), and always encouraging and being kind to others (helpful).

Helping your child develop qualities for life.

Martial arts can be so much more than kicking and punching. In quality schools, the training provides experiences that will help your child live a meaningful life. A black belt is not merely a belt at these school, but recognition that the wearer of a black belt has developed qualities for life.

The twenty-two qualities for life will help your child to be healthy, confident, courageous, kind, helpful, disciplined, growth-minded, and positive, among many other qualities.

Martial arts can be an ideal environment for learning such qualities. This occurs when the school, your child, and you agree on the goals and use the experiences provided by the environment to develop kicking, punching, and above all, qualities of life.

You can start by checking out one of our classes where you can see students in action and meet one of our instructors.

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