Unit Level PT & Combatives

United State Military can utilize boxing services to meet commanders intent and organizational goals.

Our mission is to strengthen our military installation and local community development.

Boxing Programs are workouts that combines traditional boxing moves and varies training approaches with modern combative programs for United States Military. Command Physical Training (PT) for Units.

United States Military Weight Control Programs to meet military regulations.

U.S. Military Combatives Programs for requirements Boxing Methods and applications.

Army STRONG BAND Program for Military Installations.

LTAD – Applications for United States Military Boxing Team.

Potomac Valley Association – Washington Golden Gloves Championship.

Coordination with training program at Adaptive Boxing (410) 212-5455 or coaching@adaptiveboxing.com.

Unit Level and Intramural Sports Programs

Unit Level participation in an intramural sport to develop teamwork skills and competitive spirit.  At the same time, you’re maintaining your physical fitness and your unit’s readiness.

The Garrison Intramural Sports Program offers broad-based team and individual sports based on Soldier interest, installation Senior and Mission Commander desires, availability of garrison sport facilities, unit mission requirements and local climate.

IAW TC 3-22.20 Army Physical Readiness Program. Army Weight Control Program IAW AR 600-9.



Programs and activities that support READINESS & RESILIENCY and encourage individual fitness will be held at Army locations world-wide.  Participate in a designated Strong B.A.N.D.S. activity in your community to show your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


SIGN UP for strong band training in the month of May at your installation. You can begin training with us at Adaptive Boxing (410) 212-5455 or coaching@adaptiveboxing.com.

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