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We are offering enrollment in a membership to become an online member, receive our weekly lesson plan, and weekly prerecorded videos known as “This Week @ Boxing”.

you can enroll in a membership to attend live, In-Person and/or Virtual Boxing classes. It is our hope that these solutions can deliver the quality boxing and martial arts experience that best fits you and your family.

SIGN UP NOW and begin training at Adaptive Boxing (410) 212-5455 or coaching@adaptiveboxing.com.

We are going to use “Zoom” for live session on the following schedule:

Step 1 – Get Technology Set-Up and Join us Online

Please download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app on your chosen device from your App Store or Android play store. Zoom is available for phones, tablets, and computers. For this purpose, the larger the screen the better. In order to keep the connection accessible, each weekly class will use the same Zoom meeting number and link from week to week. Use the links below to access your class. We will also post the links on our webpage.

Step 2 – Get prepared – Best Practices for Online Classes:

1. Add class to your calendar – Set an alarm 15-10 mins before class to allow time to get set up. We suggest that you come 5 minutes early to class to get settled, just like an in-person boxing gym.
2. Others in your household are welcome to join, or ask for a quiet space if you are the only one attending the online class.
3. Find a clear spot to set yourself up. An area about 10×10 feet should be sufficient.
4. For Kids and Teens beginner students, a parent, caretaker or older sibling should be available to assist the student and supervise.
5. Mute & Video Sharing – You can mute yourself and “stop your video” from the bottom left corner of your own video square so that others can’t see you while you are doing the practice. We will ask everyone to stay muted during practice so we don’t hear talking, phones ringing, dogs barking, or other background noises.
6. We will periodically unmute and allow time for questions. Click on Gallery View in top right corner to see all the faces.
7. Bring water and stay hydrated.


2. Pre-Recorded Classes – Visit our New Boxing Foundations Basics to watch pre-recorded videos anytime at your convenience. You will need a password to enter this page. The password is the same one you have been given to enter the Zoom classes. If you are a current student and don’t have this password, please email: coaching@adaptiveboxing.com.