Youth Martial Arts

Give Your Child A Kick Start With Martial Arts!

Youth Martial Arts Program’s primary goal has been and will continue to be helping you develop a healthy life and teach them how to lead, inspire and protect, and resolve conflict. As a member you’ll be introduced to progressive categories of training.

We make sure our students execute with proper form, can defend themselves and develop the tenacity to never quit.

With our youth classes, each student develops poise while improving their strength, balance, coordination and self-esteem. Our youth program provides healthy, safe, fitness-focused classes that enhance student’s positive attitude and academic performance.


As a Student-Centered program we teach only the skills, techniques and combinations that are easy-to-learn and effective.

Instead of requiring complex forms and skills, we focus on teaching basic skills so that we can spend time on the strategies and applications of these skills.

Rather than require complex advanced skills and forms, we focus on advanced applications of the basic techniques we teach.

Our curriculum emphasizes life-lessons such as confidence, teamwork, respect, as well as self-defense and fitness, providing a well-rounded approach to martial arts.

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