Pee Wee and Bantam Weight Boxing

BOXING CLASS – Ages 7-12 – Pee Wee and Bantam Class

The introduction to boxing fundamentals and sports-general training essential for the sport of boxing. To develop the ABC – Agility, Balance, and Coordination for the students.

Students will learn the fundamentals of the sport of boxing.  Novice level boxing skills, boxing strategy and boxing smart for amateur boxing for Pee Wee – Bantam age divisions.

We combined the sport of boxing and sports-general training to structure boxing development into ranks, creating a multi-level training curriculum for each student.

Each level has specific requirements that must be met when it comes to boxing education, boxing technique, boxing skills and boxing smart.

Boxing Awards for bronze medal, silver medal and gold medal awards for performance, completion of testing material and student participation.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

There is a wealth of benefits that come from healthy self-confidence from helping you manage fears and maintain a positive mental attitude. Train with us and you’ll discover there is no better way to build your confidence then with boxing.

Discipline & Self-Control

With self-discipline comes all kinds of beneficial improvements to your life including advanced focus, new found respect, better health & fitness along with having an easier time at work or school. 

A very important life skill that every child needs to learn is how to have positive social interactions with their peers and authority. 

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