Develop and Challenge

The Teen Boxing program teaches discipline and respect in a structured environment through which our coaches train, teach, and instruct youths in core values and character development.

Teens looking to build their self-esteem/self-confidence improve their physical health and learn personal protection from bullying.

We are dedicated to providing youth in the community a program that emphasizes sportsmanship, education, and physical conditioning, as well as mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Participate in a fun, structured and ongoing training program (as opposed to participating in “open gym”)

Boxing Training Curriculum (BTC) consist of structured lesson plans and three assessment test (Physical Test, Character Test, and Skills Test) at the completion of each training cycle.

We provide a challenge and a tangible point of recognition for accomplishment.  We have a boxing medal award system that consist of – bronze award, silver award and gold awards for students who complete the requirement per ranking award.


SIGN UP and begin training at Adaptive Boxing (410) 212-5455 or coaching@adaptiveboxing.com.

We develop the positive environment for students and their families to come together. Motivate each other and encourage one another to learn and grow in boxing and in life.

Classes are balanced to ensure students the ability to learn techniques, strengthen their confidence and learn to box.
Classes are taught in a dynamic group setting, to ensure fun and excitement.


SIGN UP NOW and begin our new training schedule at Adaptive Boxing (410) 212-5455 or coaching@adaptiveboxing.com. Space is limited for outdoor training location.